Portfolio & Risk Management

Throughout the process, from beginning to end, we are your patent partners in Brazil. At the outset, we help you identify patentable creations and to develop strategies to better protect them. Later, we help you identify enforcement opportunities and infringement risks. We have the necessary resources to carry out prior searches, draft patent applications, conduct FTO analyses and monitor competitor cases.

We work with you to identify patentable ideas, and develop strategies to maximize the value of your patent portfolios in Brazil. We provide you with a rational evaluation of the management and risk elements facing your products in Brazil.

Patent Filing & Prosecution

Patent filing and prosecution in Brazil does not need to be complicated. We will help you throughout this process, making sure you avoid the pitfalls of the Brazilian Patent Office and make the most of its rules to obtain stronger and faster protection. 

We help you with the filing and processing of patents. Upon filing of your patent application, we will review its claims to ensure they are correctly drafted in view of the Brazilian practice and check if any of the existing fast-track possibilities apply to this application. Thereafter, we carefully prepare and prosecute the application, ensuring maximum protection of your product.

Expert Litigation Support

We have strong relationships with specialist IP law firms. If litigation is required, we can brief and manage the right specialist law firm for you, based on your personal preferences and budget. This avoids the time, effort and quality pitfalls of going to the market blind. Alternatively, we will recommend the right law firm for you to approach.

We have extensive experience acting as technical experts in some of the most important patent cases in Brazil. This includes the first lawsuit related to software implemented inventions and to standard essential technology.

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