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On March 21, the Brazilian government expanded its Strategic Sector Cooperation Project with Denmark, focusing on digitalisation and innovation in the public sector.

In force since 2015, the agreement will focus on digital transformation and the strengthening of Intellectual Property in Brazil. Since Denmark has made considerable advances in these sectors, it is hoped that these experiences can be applied in the Brazilian context.

According to the Ministry of Economics, the goal of the Brazilian government is to digitize more than 1,000 services within two years.

In this new phase of the project, the Danish Patent and Trademark Office (DKPTO), will provide training to INPI (the Brazilian Patent Office) examiners, in order to optimize and improve patent examination procedures.

The Danish government already started its digitilization plan in the early 2000’s, aiming to provide a new model of public service, which would bring savings and more transparency to government actions.

Denmark currently ranks number 1 in the E-Government Development Index (EGDI), which assesses the development of digitalization within its member states. Brazil currently sits in 44th place.

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