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A group of researchers from the Brazilian university UFRJ has developed a new method that allows for the detection of agro-toxin contaminants in the environment. The research also led to the elaboration of a kit for this purpose.

The issue of pesticides in the food supply and in the environment is particularly important in Brazil, since there has been an increase of pesticide use the country in recent years. In fact, Brazil currently ranks first in the world in terms of pesticide consumption since 2008.

As a result, monitoring and detection of pesticide contaminants in the environment is crucial in order to certify organic products, detect prohibited pesticides and monitor pesticide levels in the soil.

While other methods for pesticide detection soil already exist, the researchers claim that these are too time consuming and costly.

UFRJ is currently looking for partnerships to bring this innovative new technology into the production chain.

More details regarding the research (in Portuguese) is available here.

The method has been granted patent protection by the INPI (the Brazilian Patent Office). The letters of specification can be accessed here.

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