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On July 3, the Brazilian Ministry of Economy announced a number of new measures to reduce bureaucracy, costs and time in processes before the INPI (the Brazilian Patent Office) during a ceremony for government agencies, industries, universities and the press.

The first initiative is Brazil’s accession to the Madrid Protocol.

In terms of patents, the Ministry introduced its “Plan to Combat Backlog of Patents”, which aims to reduce the backlog by 80% before 2021, as well as the average term of grant to approximately two years from the request for examination.

The “Plan to Combat Backlog of Patents” is based on reducing the efforts required to examine patent applications by issuing pre-examination reports based on search reports already issued by foreign patent offices for the same patent family (this would cover around 80% of pending applications).

The plan is due to start this month.

The INPI already carried out a pilot project along these lines in 2018 and concluded that a gain of productivity of up to 17% is expected from the issuance of such pre-examination reports. Based on such positive results, the INPI is now prepared to move forward with a full-scale version of the initiative.

Emphasising the importance of cooperation with the national Congress and congratulating the INPI for its work, Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, stated that:

The initiative is a landmark in the Brazilian economy because today intellectual property is the most important asset in international negotiations.

The INPI President, Cláudio Furtado, further noted that the INPI is now leaving behind a historical problem in the area of patents.

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