With an average capacity factor of 42% compared to the world’s factor of 25%, Brazil stands out as a fertile country for the production of wind power. Wind power already accounts for 9% (15.3 GW) of the country’s installed electricity generation capacity, which places Brazil in the 8th position of the world ranking of installed wind power capacity.

The Ibero-American Industrial Property Program (IBEPI) recently conducted an analysis of patent applications related to the wind energy sector in participating countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain,Mexico, Portugal and Uruguay).

The full report (in Spanish/Portuguese) can be accessed here.

The analysis, which focused on the second half of 2018, was conducted as part of the organization’s strategy for cooperation and promotion of activities in Intellectual Property.

The IBEPI analysis found that during the second half of 2018, the national patent offices of the participating countries published 329 wind energy related patent applications. Below are some of the highlights of the findings:

  • Of the total applications 203 were filed in Spain, 74 in Brazil, 25 in Portugal, 13 in Mexico, 8 in Argentina, 4 in Colombia and 2 in Uruguay;
  • Applications were filed by 139 different applicants – 104 applications by companies, 29 by natural persons, 5 by universities and 1 by research centers (a patent application can be filed by one or more applicants, which my be of different nature).
  • Patent applications filed by residents of participating countries represented 19% of the total, with 62 applications, and applications filed by non-residents 81% with 267 applications.
  • In terms of applications submitted by non-residents, Germany stands out with 110 patent applications, followed by Denmark and the United States, with 61 and 31 applications respectively;
  • The country with the highest number of applications by residents is Spain with 42, followed by Brazil with 6;
  • The companies with the highest number of applications were VESTAS WIND SYS AS with 48, WOBBEN PROPERTIES GMBH with 31, followed by GENERAL ELECTRIC and SENVION GMBH with 20 and 16 applications respectively.

The report provides us with an important overview of wind energy related patent filings in the IBEPI countries and important data for the future creation of alternative energy sources.

The patent application filings are in line with the countries’ wind power capacities. Spain, which leads the report in terms of filings, occupies the 5thposition in the same world ranking of installed wind power capacity, for example. It is also consistent to observe Danish and German companies as top applicants, given both countries long tradition in the area.

The noticeable absence are Chinese patent applications. China is the world leader of wind power generation with 35.7% of the world’s installed capacity by the end of 2018.

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