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This week, our partner Karina Daiha will return to the university where she completed her master’s degree in biochemistry in 2015. Karina will act as guest lecturer in Intellectual Property on the masters and doctorate courses at the Graduate Institute of Chemistry, UFRJ.

The class seeks to highlight the importance of patent documents as a source of information, as well as their role as indicators of innovative effort.

Students will be introduced to patent databases open to the public and to the different purposes of patent searches. The course also counts on the participation of INPI examiners, who will address general aspects of the administrative processing of patent applications in Brazil, as well as more specific issues in the area of biotechnology.

At Venturini IP, we believe that Brazilian researchers should stay in close contact with matters concerning Intellectual Property protection, helping to foster the country’s technological development.

To access Karina’s recent research article concerning this topic click here.