On November 26, the INPI (the Brazilian Patent Office) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with European Patent Office (EPO) aiming to enhance technical and strategic partnership between the two agencies.

More information (in Portuguese) can be accessed here.

The goal of the initiative is to further improve cooperation on patents (which already dates back to 2000), ensuring more efficient examination and grant of high quality patents.

In practice, this will involve the strengthening of local capacities to search and analyze patent applications, through training on best practices, sharing of tools and exchanging information and patent data.

During the ceremony in Rio de Janeiro, both offices also committed to renewing the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot program. As discussed in our previous article, the INPI has now removed any limitation to specific technologies, meaning the program will be open to patent applications across all technology fields.

The activities under the strategic partnership agreement will take place over a period of two years.

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